For our partners

About us

LEGAL Group is specalized in customized financial solutions. Whether it is about debt settlement, client identification, financial advice, call centre or legal services, we provide professional solutions for our corporate partners and individual clients.

Our mission is to effectively reduce our partners' arrears, while solving debtors' financial problems in a customer-friendly way.

Üzletfelek kezet ráznak

15 000
phone calls made per day
loss ratio

addresses visited per day, per visitor
up to 70%
repayment success rate up to 60 days overdue

Our story

Legalteam Kft. was established in 2002 for debt collection and real estate sales. Based on the needs of our clients (mainly banks), we have continuously expanded our range of services, thus we have also been providing personal client identification services for credit institutions, treasuries and insurance companies since 2011. For a few years we have also been providing financial advice and credit brokerage. In 2018, we obtained our multiple agent licence from the MNB.
Legal Rest Zrt. was founded in 2007 and is engaged in debt purchase under licence E-I-817/2007 of the PSZÁF. We mainly buy overdue receivables from banks, telecommunication and utility companies.

130 thousands
purchased case
12,5 billions Ft
by value

30 000
cases handled per year
3 billions Ft
debt carried over

Our competences

Data-driven receivables management strategies
Automated (claims management) processes
Self-service debt settlement client portal
Flexible and upgradeable, MNB-compatible receivables management system
A stable team with 20 years of experience and expertise
The logo of MAKISZ

Both our companies are members of the Hungarian Association of Receivables Managers and Business Information Service Providers (MAKISZ) and are ISO 9001:2015 certified also have professional liability insurance.