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We may have sent you a demand for payment because our records show that you are in arrears. Ask us for a telephone or email consultation at one of our contact details, or settle your debt in a fast and easy way.

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We have contacted you because our records show that you are in debt. If you have received a demand from Legal Rest Zrt., your debt is owed to Legal Rest Zrt.

This may originate from an unpaid personal loan or a credit card debt that the bank has assigned to us. Unpaid telephone, gas or electricity bills may also be the reason for our demand. Our company had purchased the claim of the service provider you were formerly in contract with. (That is, we call debt transfer agreement.) Therefore, you are indebted to our company.

If you have received a request from Legalteam Kft., it means that a bank, insurance company or other service provider has entrusted us to collect their claim against you.

Please do not ignore our request, as your debt may increase! If you have any further questions, contact us! Also contact our company in case you have payment difficulties so we can assist you in finding a solution to your financial situation.

On our website you will find the information you need to settle your debt. If you do not understand what your debt is made up of, our colleague will explain it to you in detail. If you are not able to settle your debt in one piece, you may request the option of payment by instalments. In all cases, a mandatory assessment process precedes the authorisation of an instalment payment.

We will assess your request in case your debt is owned by Legal Rest Zrt., otherwise (Legalteam Kft.)  it will depend on the approval of the entrusting company.

Forms and documents can be found here. 

Feel free to contact our colleagues who will be happy to answer your questions. You can find our contact details here. 

Legalteam Kft. has been operating since 2002 and Legal Rest Zrt. since 2007. You can check in the public register of companies (www.e-cegjegyzek.hu/) and in the Hungarian National Bank (MNB)’s website who is the Supervisory Authority of our company.

We are members of the professional association of debt collection companies: www.makisz.hu/hu/taglista

For further information, please contact us by phone, email or in person.

If you do not respond to our requests, you make your own situation more difficult. If fail to pay on time, your contract may be terminated; if your contract has already been terminated, your case may be taken to court. This involves additional costs, which you will also be required to pay at the end of the procedure. Do not increase the amount of your debt unnecessarily! The longer you wait, the more interest is added to your original debt. We are determined to help you settle your debts as quickly as possible. Our qualified colleagues will try to assist you in accordance with legislation and recommendations of the authority.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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1096 Budapest, Vendel u. 11. / Vendel Office Block
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Contact us

1096 Budapest, Vendel u. 11. / Vendel Office Block
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