Our competencies

We created and continually develop our service portfolio to provide a solution in every stage of the debt management process.

The competencies of Legal Group comprise all the activities connected to: 

  • Costumer identification and verification for active and passive contracts
  • Pre-workout
    (Signifies the period before default. To avoid late payment several procedures can be carried out, e.g. checking whether the credit was used in accordance with the contract, whether the loan purpose was fulfilled, monitoring the debtor’s financial situation, checking whether the surety and the collateral still exist and whether their value has changed.)
  • Soft collection
    (Period from default until termination of the contract.)
  • Termination of contract
  • Hard collection
    (Period from termination of the contract to the ending of the debt management process.)
  • Selling of debt

Our fees

Our price rates depend on the effectiveness of our procedures and are always based on previous consultation, and are offered individually. We work on a no collection-no fee basis.

Our services:

A. Comprehensive debt management
B. Personal visits in the whole country
C. Debt purchase
D. Legal services
E. Asset recovery
F. Collection Call Center, Web Center, Contact Center services
G. Client identification and verification
H. NET Program (Program of the National Asset Management Company)