Personal visits

A procedure that can be effectively used for client identification and verification of active and passive bank contracts and in any phase of the debt management process. Our national network of field agents enables us to take up personal contact with the potential client/debtor in their home address or seat in order to carry out the tasks defined by our Partner within 24 hours of being instructed. The documents produced during our activities will be digitalized and handed over to our Partner on paper and electrically as well. We record the information we acquired during our procedures in a structured database to ensure a comprehensive supply of electronic data about our activities.


Elements of the service package:

  • Client identification and verification of active and passive bank contracts
  • Preventive contact to avoid termination
  • Cash collection
  • Reports of the client’s environment
  • Procuring the necessary documents for restructuring, rescheduling and discussing possible alternatives for a solution
  • Assessing and closing delayed payment, instalment payment and rescheduling agreements
  • Delivery of documents
  • Acquiring the statement of the obligor
  • Examination and assessment of the surety (movable and immovable)
  • Checking the accuracy of data, registering changes in data
  • Address research
  • Gathering and verifying information on business partners

The elements of the package can be bought individually.