Dear Partner,

Legal Group has specialized in retail debt management services and customer identification. From the group Legal Rest Zrt. deals with debt purchase and debt management, whereas Legalteam Kft. focuses on debt management and debt collection call center services.
We obtained the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and since 2012 we have been the members of MAKISZ, The Association of Hungarian CMS Companies and Business Information Providers.
Our group’s service portfolio offers high-quality, professional solutions in every field of debt management and client relations.
We strive to continually develop and expand our services based on our Partners’ needs, feedback and the conclusions from our monitoring in the aim to meet the ever changing expectations.
Our objective is to find the ideal debt management solution for our Partners and then to realise it by providing great value service.
Our colleagues are at your service with consultations and expert advice to help you find and carry out the optimized debt management tailored to your needs.

Zoltán Fazekas
managing director