NET Program

Upon assignment by credit institutions and financial enterprises we participate in the NET Program (a program by the National Asset Management Company to help stranded bank debtors) by

  • contacting,NET kép
  • and identifying bank clients who meet the objective conditions for the program,
  • checking whether they meet the subjective conditions,
  • assisting them to fill in the application,
  • compiling the necessary documents that we can collect in their homes and forward to our Partner.

Basic procedures:

  • Call Center (providing information on the NET program, telephone assistance for gathering the required documents)
  • Personal visit (informing and identifying clients and collecting the documents)
  • Forwarding the necessary documents (from the client to Legal Group and then to our Partner)

Optional procedures:

  • Taking up personal contact and informing non-participating clients about the NET program
  • Collecting the necessary documents on behalf of the client (if assigned by the client)
  • Assistance for filling the application form (personalising the form with data provided by our Partner)

All our colleagues have the necessary qualification and certificates required by the Act on Credit Institutions and Financial Enterprises. Our field agents and call center operators observe the guidelines of the 14/2012 (XII.13.) recommendation of the president of PSZÁF (Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority) regarding the time, place, frequency and manner of connecting and communication with the debtors.